What is the difference between KDR and IoT Gateway?

Communities Data Recording What is the difference between KDR and IoT Gateway?

  • March 4, 2020 at 8:18 am

    One question which comes around and around: is there any difference between KDR (Kronometrix Data Recording) and K1? If yes, what is that ?

    Here are the main key differences and the important things an user should know.

    • KDR is an open-source project hosted under gitlab¬†available to be used in various projects and products. Anyone can take the data recording project and use it as defined in the LICENSE distribution
    • K1 a commercial product, developed by Kronometrix Analytics Finland, using Kronometrix Data Recording and other software applications and configuration files for ARM architecture. At this moment ARM Raspberry PI 3B+, 4B hardware is offered. Additional, several commercial support services are included for K1 product. No commercial support is offered for Kronometrix Data Recording.